Graduate Courses

Universidad Diego Portales (Public Policy Institute): Social Determinants of Health (Fall 2016, Fall 2015, Fall 2014, Fall 2013), Social Policy (Fall 2014, Fall 2013), Master’s Thesis Seminar (2013), Public Policy Seminar (2014, 2013), Introduction to Stata (Spring 2017, Spring 2016, Spring 2015, Spring 2014, Spring 2013), Research and Practice Seminar (2014, 2013, Fall 2012).

Pontificia Universidad Católica (Department of Sociology): Sociology of Aging and the Life Course (Fall 2010), Master’s Thesis Seminar (Fall 2010).

Universidad Andrés Bello (Public Health Institute): Advanced Epidemiology (Spring 2013).

Undergraduate Courses

Universidad Diego Portales: Inferential Statistics (two sessions Fall 2016; Fall 2015), Subjective Well-being in the Workplace (School of Business and Economics, Fall 2014, Spring 2012, Fall 2011), Sociology of Health and Happiness (Department of Sociology, Fall 2012), Thesis Seminar II (Department of Sociology, Fall 2012), Thesis Seminar I (Department of Sociology, Spring 2012), Introduction to Methodology (Department of Sociology, Spring 2004), Introduction to Sociology (Department of Sociology, Spring 2004), Social Processes in Latin America (Department of Sociology, Spring 2004).

Boston College (Department of Sociology): Sociology of Happiness (Spring 2009, Fall 2008).

Universidad del Desarrollo (Department of Psychology): Social Anthropology (Spring 2004).

Teaching Assistantships

Harvard University (School of Public Health): Health Reform and Community Medicine in Chile (Summer 2010).

Boston College (Department of Sociology): Multivariate Statistics (Spring 2008), Death and Dying (Fall 2007, Spring 2006), Statistics (Spring 2007), Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis (Fall 2006), Peace or War? (Fall 2005).

Pontificia Universidad Católica (Department of Sociology): Anthropology (Spring 2002), Development of Modern Society (Spring 2001), Development of Latin American Society (Spring 2000, Spring 1999), Development of Latin American Culture (Fall 1999).

Students Supervised

Postdoctoral Research: Ignacio Madero-Cabib (Public Policy UDP, 2015 to date).

Master’s Thesis: Kasim Allel (Economics UDP, 2014-2017), Juan Angulo (Public Policy UDP, 2015-2017), Verónica Bello (Public Policy UDP, 2016 to date), Pablo Beytía (Sociology PUC, 2010-2011), Sara Caro (Social Work PUC, 2011-2014), María Paz Carvajal (Public Policy UDP, 2013-2017), Paula de Buen Nieto (Sociology PUC, 2010-2011), María José Dreau (Public Policy UDP, 2017), Marco Espíldora (Public Policy UDP, 2016-2017), Sebastián Lemp (Sociology PUC, 2010-2011), Alejandra Meyer (Sociology PUC, 2010-2012), Álvaro Miranda (Economic Analysis, Universidad de Chile, 2014), Vanessa Orrego (Research Methods UDP, 2016), Nilda Quezada (Sociology PUC, 2010-2011), Constanza Uribe (Public Policy UDP, 2012 to date), Javiera Valjalo (Public Policy UDP, 2013-2017), Patricio Velasco (Sociology PUC, 2010-2011).

Undergraduate Thesis: Nicolás Contreras (Sociology UDP, 2012-2013), Amelia del Villar (Sociology PUC, 2012-2013), Catalina Figueroa (Sociology PUC, 2012-2013), Aranzazú Garmendia (Sociology UDP, 2012-2013), Valentina Silva (Sociology UDP, 2012-2013), Bernardita Spencer (Sociology UDP, 2012-2013).

Student Mentorship: Ariel Azar (Master in Sociology PUC, 2011 to date), Maureen Berho (Sociology UCH, 2013-2014), Francisca Castro (Sociology PUC, 2014-2016), Andrea Feigl (Doctorate in Public Health at Harvard, 2012), Janet Genser (Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity at Stanford, 2012), Rie Kamigaichi (MPH Health Policy and Management at Columbia University, 2016), José Tomás Medina (Economics UCH, 2014 to date), Rhea Nigli (MPH Epidemiology at Columbia University), Karla Ramos (Public Policy UPD, 2012-2013), Nicolás Rodríguez (Master in Sociology PUC, 2010-2011), Mai Uchida (MPH Epidemiology and MS Urban Planning at Columbia University, 2016), Javier Vargas (Sociology PUC, 2015 to date).

Other Courses

Monash University and Universidad Diego Portales: Study abroad Power, Politics, and Society in Latin American (January, 2015).

Leiden University and Universidad Diego Portales: Study abroad Latin American Studies (November, 2012).

Pontificia Universidad Católica: How Can We Live Together Being So Different? (Educational Program for Academically Talented Students, Spring 2004), Observing How We Observe (Educational Program for Academically Talented Students, Fall 2002, Spring 2002).